Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Intellectual marathon "Mathematical tournament of a name of S.V. Kovalevskaya"

Pupils of 10-11 classes of the city of Orenburg take part in tournament.
From each educational institution 1-2 teams of 4 people are formed.
Competition time is limited-1 hour 20 minutes.
16 mathematical problems of different complexity are submitted to the contest. The team is offered a pair of tasks randomly selected from 8 pairs of tasks.
The answer is submitted in writing to both problems at the same time, without justification. After that, the next pair of tasks is selected.
Scoring is based on the number of correctly solved problems. Points are not deducted for incorrectly solved problem. The team has the right to refuse to solve the problem, then it is considered unsolved. 
It is allowed to use the calculator, it is forbidden to use the mobile phone.
The winners and participants of the competition are awarded with diplomas.
The tournament is held on March 5, 2020.  Beginning - 14.30 (OGPU, II corps (PR. 1). Registration of participants on March 5 at 14.00 (foyer of the II building of the OGPU).

The appeal period is 7 working days from the date of publication of the competition results at: oniddtdm.blogspot.ru, ospu.ru in the section "competitions and contests".
The results of the tournament can be taken into account when entering the University as individual achievements.


Faculty of physics and mathematics
phone: +7 (3532) 33-35-52 
e-mail: fiz-mat_faculty@ospu.su