Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Размер шрифта Цветовая схема Изображения


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Competition of creative works of students of educational institutions "Inclusive education through the eyes of a modern teenager"

We invite you to participate in the regional competition of creative works of students of educational institutions "Inclusive education through the eyes of a modern teenager," which will be held on the basis of the "OGPU" with 01.12.2019 on 20.03.2020 G.

The competition is held in absentia in 2 stages:
I. selection and expert:
- acceptance of applications and competition materials, work with authors who submitted applications - from 01.12. 2019 to March 1, 2020;
- examination of works-held from March 2 to March 15, 2020.
II. The final (announcement and awarding of winners, presentation of letters of thanks, diplomas, certificates) - is held from March 16 to March 20, 2020.

To participate in the Contest must be sent to the email address of the Department kaf_specialpsychology@ospu.su the application and submissions with the subject "Contest" in accordance with the requirements. 
The name of each file shall contain the name and title of the document (for example: Ivanovae.doc; Ivanovicova work. doc). The folder must contain files:

- competitive work;

- application;

- scan-copy of the consent to the processing of personal data.

Requirements for competitive works

Requirements for registration of work:
Editor Microsoft Office Word, font "Times New Roman", font size (size) - 14, line spacing-1.0 cm.
The amount of work up to 2 pages of A4 text, portrait orientation.
The name is printed in bold capital letters in the center; below through a line on the right edge of the Name of the author and the teacher-head, the name of the organization (place of study, work); further, through two lines the main text.
Main text-width alignment; margins-2 cm on all sides; indentation (paragraph) – 1.25 cm.
The materials submitted for the competition will be evaluated according to a number of criteria:
- Independence of execution (check for Antiplagiat, the uniqueness of the text is not less than 50 %).
- Correspondence of the content of the work to the theme of the Competition.    
- Literary language and logical presentation.
- Argumentation of judgments.
- No factual errors.

As a result of participation in the Contest, the winner, won first place and prize that recognizes participants who took 2nd and 3rd places. Each participant receives a certificate, which also indicates the project Manager (teacher-Manager).
The results of the competition will be posted on the University website.
The University reserves the right to post the best works of the participants on its website.

Venue: fgbou VO "OGPU", Department of special psychology, Orenburg, travel Communards, 57, room. 306.

Participation in the Competition is voluntary and free of charge.



Department of special psychology
phone: +7 (3532) 77-92-27
e-mail: kaf_specialpsychology@ospu.su