Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Размер шрифта Цветовая схема Изображения


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«Клио» International professional competition of final qualifying works «Clio»

The competition is held in order to: 
- intellectual and personal development of students by means of research activities; 
- identification and support of talented graduates motivated to continue their education in the field of historical education; 
- education of patriotism, citizenship and respect for the historical heritage of the common Eurasian space.

Category of participants:
The Competition is open to students and graduates of higher education institutions of historical specialties and training profiles.

The number of stages and their timing:
The competition is held in two stages: 
a) selection (acceptance of applications and competitive materials, work with the authors who submitted applications, examination of works) - until November 7, 2019.; 
b) final (announcement and awarding of winners) - November 14, 2019




Lyubichankovski Sergey Valentinovich, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor