Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Olimpiada studentov fakul'teta inostrannykh yazykov "Znayete li vy Frantsiyu?"

We invite students studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Orenburg State Pedagogical University" to take part in the Olympiad "Do you know France?"

Olympiad for students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​"Do you know France?" is carried out in order to increase interest in the French language, create conditions for the further development of potential in the field of future professional activities of the French language teacher and is aimed at:

-increasing the interest of students in the professions of a linguist-translator and teacher of French as the main or second foreign language;

-stimulation of students to be active in the field of professional and personal self-improvement;

- control of the level of formation of linguistic and cultural competence among the students of the faculty who study French as the main and second foreign language;

-activation of the personal potential of students.

-organization of systematic preparation of students for active participation in competitions and olympiads in the professional sphere, self-development, professional development.

Participation in the Olympiad is voluntary and free of charge.


In 2020-2021. Olympiad for students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​"Do you know France?"

The first stage is held from 01.12.2020 to 10.12.2020 and includes the execution of test tasks on the history and culture of France.

The second stage of the Olympiad will take place on December 14-15, 2020. At this stage, participants perform tasks of a creative nature (writing an essay).

For each correct answer, the participant receives 1 point (the maximum number of points in the first round is 30, in the second - 20). Participants who have scored at least 20 points in the first round are allowed to participate in the second round of the Olympiad.


Olympiad coordinator:

department for work with applicants and graduates

Tel .: +7 (3532) 77-70-86

e-mail: carrer_training@ospu.su

Department of Romance-Germanic Philology and MPIL

Tel. +7 (912) 842-08-63

e-mail: kaf_romano-germanic@ospu.su