Elections of the rector of the OSPU. Elected Aleshin Svetlana Aleksandrovna - candidate of pedagogical Sciences. Previously held the post of Deputy Minister of education in Orenburg region.

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Dear applicants!

In your life, the time has come when you have to make a responsible choice — to determine your future profession. The dynamism of the modern labor market requires a full-time specialist, a genuine interest in the business and the desire to grow personally and professionally.

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Education is the most important component of any society, which determines the economy, culture and mentality of society as a whole. It is future-oriented, determines the vector of development of society. Therefore, education workers and teachers are entrusted with the mission to prepare the younger generation for independent, adult life. In pedagogy are on vocation, at the desire of the heart. This choice is made by people who love people and especially children. These are people who want to help children grow, find and discover their own potential, overcoming many difficulties. These are people who understand the value of a person, his capabilities, and want to convey this understanding to others. The path you may take is not easy, but it is certainly very interesting! Already studying at the pedagogical University, you have to gain new knowledge and active work on yourself, through which you realize the importance of this profession.

Orenburg state pedagogical University is a University that has a glorious history and continues to develop dynamically. For almost 100 years, high-class specialists, true professionals, successfully working for the benefit of Russian education, have been coming out of the walls of our University. In our University you will receive not only fundamental theoretical training, but also gain invaluable practical skills.

The doors of the OGPU are always open for you!